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The Nature Cadets are smart cookies who love to learn, so Ms. Laine made this page for the parents of these precocious 

kiddos. Click the links below to find all sorts of interesting information on serious and seriously silly topics.  

  Race and Advocacy 

     Media  Literacy    

Science Stuffs 

Free activities, games and videos

on topics related to climate change. 

Free curriculum and virtual field trips focused on protecting  natural resources and getting into nature.

Free citizen science platform to discover, share and identify wildlife.

Scientific YouTube videos made just for kids.

Purchasable standards-aligned lesson plans for ages K-5.

Free scientific journal written by scientists and curated by kids. 

A website that teaches little ones how to map out their own successful garden to plant in real life.

Free games and videos on every science subject under the sun. 

A collection of virtual field trips sent to us by Nature Cadet Cassie 

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